We accept submissions for fiction and poetry between August 1 and April 30,

Nonfiction manuscripts are read year-round. Please do not submit fiction or poetry to the nonfiction category during the summer.

You may submit either by US mail or online (via Submittable). The fee for online submissions is $3.

Please include a brief cover letter.

Be sure your full name and address appear on the manuscript.

Simultaneous submissions are accepted; writers must notify us immediately if the work is accepted elsewhere.

We consider only previously unpublished work.

We strongly encourage writers to be familiar with our magazine before submitting to it. Examples of work published in Colorado Review are posted on our website; sample copies are also available for $10 each, including postage.

It is not necessary to query us first (exceptions: book reviews and interviews).

Colorado Review purchases First North American Serial rights and pays $10/page for poetry, with a $30 minimum. Payment for short stories and essays is $200. Published writers also receive two copies of the issue in which their work appears, as well as a one-year subscription.

Note: By submitting, you agree to let us occasionally e-mail you relevant announcements. But the last thing we want to do is annoy you; there will always be an easy way to opt out in every e-mail.

Ends on April 30, 2017$ 3.00
$ 3.00
We consider short fiction (but not flash fiction or short shorts) with contemporary themes (no genre fiction, please).

There is no specific word or page count; generally, however, Colorado Review publishes short stories that are somewhere between 20 and 25 manuscript pages.

Please submit no more than one story at a time.

$ 3.00
$ 3.00

We read nonfiction year-round.

Between May 1 and August 1, we read only nonfiction. Please do not submit short stories or poems to this category.

We are interested in creative nonfiction (memoir and personal essay) with contemporary themes. Our website has several examples of nonfiction we have published.

Please query us first before submitting book reviews or interviews.

Please do not submit literary criticism.

There is no specific word or page count; generally, however, Colorado Review is most interested essays that are somewhere between 20 and 25 manuscript pages, though we have published both shorter and longer pieces of nonfiction.

File types accepted: Word (DOC and DOCX), PDF, and RTF.

Ends on April 30, 2017$ 3.00
$ 3.00
We consider poetry of any style. We strongly encourage you, however, to be familiar with the poetry Colorado Review has previously published; visit our web site to read selected poems that we have published or to purchase sample issues.

Please limit poetry submissions to no more than five poems at a time and place all poems in a single document.

If for any reason you’d like to withdraw a poem, please send us a message through Submittable. Please do not send requests to remove poems from your manuscript through Submittable’s “Open Editing” option.

Before submitting, please query us at creview@colostate.edu with the title(s) you would like to review and a short bio note. Sample reviews and a style sheet are available.

We are currently seeking reviews of recently published (within the last year) literary fiction and nonfiction, and we are especially interested in titles published by small, independent, and university presses. Reviewers should not submit reviews of books written by their close friends, colleagues, professors, or students. Accepted reviews will be published either in print or online, and authors will be compensated with a one-year subscription to Colorado Review.

Please include the following publication info: book title, author, publisher, and publication year. For example:

Cloud Study, by Susan Jones-Carlson
Table Press, 2011
reviewed by Fiona Edwards

Regarding tone and language, think "book review" rather than "scholarly criticism."

We follow The Chicago Manual of Style.